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xAmplifier is all about making connections with your customers, so we want you to connect with us too.

The consulting experts at xAmplifier understand how important Customer Experience Management is for your brand and your business. But we're more than software developers, sales managers and marketing professionals, meet the people behind xAmplifier..


Understanding your customers and providing an exceptional customer experience is vital to growing your business. xAmplifier provides you with actionable insights based on rigorous statistical models that provide a clear roadmap to an improved ROI. Our proven survey methods gather valuable data about customers’ purchase decision drivers, satisfaction levels, and brand passion. By capturing sentiment at the most critical stages of customer interaction we provide key insights and we do it without creating survey fatigue. Our reporting offers "Willingness to Recommend" scores and NPS values by product, location, and staff members which provide understandable benchmarks for the entire Company. xAmplifier also overlays demographic, social, behavior, and referral source data thereby creating heightened customer profile understanding.


What we offer

Customer Experience

One of xAmplifier’s core goals is to uncover the hidden “x-factors” that set your business apart as well as identify areas that may be holding you back.

Sales Conversions & Customer Retention

What motivates people to buy from my business? Which factors might be driving potential customers to my competitors? If a prospect can’t buy today but indicates they might purchase in the future, when should I approach them again? What steps can I take to build customer loyalty?

Unleash Your Customer

In the age of digital content, customers have a wealth of resources for determining what to buy, from whom, and when, so the most effective approach is a proactive one. Around 90% of customers who read online reviews indicate that it can make or break their decision to purchase

1:1 Custom Touchpoint Marketing

Your business is unique and so are your customers, so why settle for predictable one-size-fits-all communications? xAmplifier’s automated 1:1 touchpoint system helps you break the mold by giving you the ability to craft custom messages and landing pages to engage and excite your customers along with informational back-end touchpoints to help your staff understand and address customer needs.


xAmplifier is implemented in a web based Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
Software as a Service is designed so that IT infrastructure is outsourced. This means that the software and your data are installed on a server hosted by xAmplifier. It requires neither elaborate nor expensive infrastructure installations.

·No need to buy software/low initial investment.
·Limited IT infrastructure.
·Access from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
·A Coldfusion and Java Front End for rapid application development.
·Industry standard Microsoft IIS Webserver and SQL Server Database
·HiCharts.com tools for flexible, interactive graphs.
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