Successful Social Media and Email Marketing Fusions

By Kyla Donato, 8 April, 2015, 12:00

Even though your latest product is the solution to all of your customer’s problems, is cheap, and looks great in anyone’s home, if no one knows about it, no one’s going to buy it. When figuring out how to market to customers, it is important to keep two stats in the back of your mind. First, 77% of customers prefer permission-based marketing through email, but a whopping 94% hate receiving those same messages through social media. People access social media for human interaction and not business messages. Here are three key tips for gracefully merging email and social media marketing together while respecting your customer’s privacy.

Connect With Your Customers Cross-platform

Don’t limit marketing campaigns to a single platform! All of the work put into the perfect newsletter is time taken away from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn messages. Amplify your marketing moves by interlinking your audience socially so that your messages have more possible avenues to them. For example, you can upload your email subscriber list to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and / or Google+. Customers then have more ways to hear from you and see different sides of your business. Conversely, by diversifying your email and social media outlets, you will be more attuned to what is trending for your customers by expanding your online presence. Also, your email messages will have more reach since interconnected customers are more likely to share.

Utilize Email and Social Media to Run Retargeting Ad Campaigns

It’s important to ensure that ads are being targeted at audiences that are most likely to be persuaded by them. However, it can be costly to conduct the kind of market research that goes into determining how to craft the perfect advertisement for various segments of people. While we can’t all have the advertising budgets of Mcdonald’s and Coke, a handy way to segment customers is to use combine email lists and social media habits, AKA retargeted ad campaigns. As Buffersocial explains, one can install a tracking code on a website and figure out who is visiting your site. You then run an email campaign and check out who actually spent time on your newsletters and websites and clicked through links and pages; we now know who is pretty interested in your goods and services. This is why one can find themselves looking at some black pumps on one site, and then somehow those same black pumps pop up on one’s Facebook news feed. With this list of people who have been vetted for legitimate conversion potential, you can revisit your social media databases and run ads for those same goods and services with the cookie that those customers picked up when they first visited your website.

Create an Online Email Tribe from Your Social Media Followers

One of the best marketing situations is when people willingly expose themselves to what your company has to say. This may be because they are genuinely interested and excited in your new products and services and / or your company is continually putting out valuable new content. A great way to aggregate your fan base is to create an exclusive social group for your email subscribers. Since you already know they are willing to see you spam up their inbox, they are going to pay attention to the most labor intensive articles, posts, and newsletters that are created for this group. Email groups can also organically be grown by offering guests a special product or promotion if they post via social media and tag a couple of their friends. The Korean Beauty company Soko Glam does a fantastic job of blending email and social media by offering special discounts and products to email subscribers when they Instagram pictures of themselves using Soko Glam curated products. It’s a three-in-one punch of product, company, and email group promotion.
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