How Businesses Can Use YouTube

By Kyla Donato, 6 May, 2015, 12:00

YouTube undoubtedly remains the go-to site for funny cat clips, makeup tutorials, and Beyonce music videos, but few recognize its vast potential for marketing businesses of nearly any size and industry. As Forbes reports, there are 1 billion unique visits to the video giant each month. Combine those stats with low startup costs and broad demographic reach, and maintaining a presence on YouTube becomes a huge asset. But if funny cat videos don’t quite jive with your corporate culture, do not despair. Good YouTube videos take on a variety of angles and subjects. These three macro categories from enable more corporate businesses to enter the YouTube fray:

Brand Awareness
Think about ways that you could round out your brand’s experience or personality. These can be extensions of your mascots, a long-form series on a particular advertising arc, or just current events and trends that you believe are relevant to your brand or core customer-base. For example, Zurich North America is a leading global insurance company. However, they are also heavily involved in the world of golf through their sponsorship of the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. Their YouTube account features another side of Zurich injecting some fun into their image as an established, conservative insurance leader through their involvement with golf.

Product Launch
YouTube video content can also be created around new releases and upgrades. They are a great and interactive way to build excitement and cater to your fans. Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise makes the most of building excitement by always unveiling its latest iteration of their iconic video game's hero “Link” to the annual E3 conference---and then promptly uploading and sharing its teaser footage on its YouTube channel, building viral excitement that fans can relive watching the video again and again. Even though fans only got a limited glimpse of the game in the summer of 2014, the game remains in the top three most anticipated games of 2015, boosted by its various demo, trailer, and fan based YouTube videos.

Audience Help and Engagement
Other ways to brainstorm relevant videos for your company’s soon-to-be YouTube channel can focus around audience engagement. Field open questions, concerns, and suggestions from your customer base and host answers to the most relevant ones in your videos. Especially helpful are how-to videos for the more common or advanced issues that recur for your customers. LUSH, a Canadian cosmetics company, is known for innovative and new products that sometimes confuse its consumers. It overcomes these barriers to early adoption by hosting a number of explanatory videos that not only demonstrate how to use these new products but also build excitement and intrigue around them. One such example is their shampoo bar, which is a solid, soap-like shampoo that bypasses the drying effects of traditional, liquid based shampoos. By demonstrating how to use them via their YouTube channel, LUSH ensures that customer confusion is minimized when marketing this innovative new product.

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