3 Easy Tips for Successful Follow-up Campaigns

By xAmplifier Staff, 22 February, 2017, 12:00

Considering the time and effort we put into creating excellent products and services, it’s silly to leave customer service by the wayside. According to a customer experience study recently conducted by AchieveGlobal, Inc., 93% of consumers will refuse to do business with a company again after 3 or fewer bad experiences.

Surely there is money to be made in whatever you’re selling, but the real gold is in the follow-up; primarily the emails that go out to customers after a purchase. Upselling, establishing rapport and trust, and word-of-mouth advertising—via diligent customer follow-up post-purchase—will yield far more benefit than just a single transaction. The best part: Today’s tools enable automated follow-up campaigns.

Tip 1: Map Out the Email Communications Process

The first step in a successful email follow-up campaign is setting yourself up properly. That means exploring the software options available to you and picking the one that best suits the needs of your business. Next, you must map out the entire customer purchase process (from initial interaction to long-term level of satisfaction) to figure out optimal points in time for sending follow-up emails. American Express’ Open Forum blog details times during which follow-up emails are effective, such as when a company faces an unavoidable issue that prevents timely delivery, or when they will need a long time to solve a customer problem.

Tip 2: Make Customer Support One of Your Top Priorities

As Murphy's law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. In xAmplifier's own case of product development and testing, this time-frame extends long past the time at which the product is in our customer’s hands. No matter how extensively our products and instructions are evaluated internally, customers are always going to need help learning how to use it or addressing oversights by our R&D teams. This applies double for service-based offerings, whether it's a one-time service or an ongoing membership. Utilizing email to check in, offer tips, or give post-service instructions is essential to any email marketing campaign for maintaining customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement initiatives.

Tip 3: Create an Ongoing Conversation

Follow-up campaigns are about so much more than just obligatory bare-bones communication with your clients; they’re about building relationships too. While emails may be sent to remind customers about upcoming appointments, impending warranty expirations and membership upgrades, they are also a chance to communicate care, concern, and passion about your brand. Take advantage of these touchpoints to inspire action via product tips, success stories, activities, projects, and outside resources that your clients would be interested in. Ultimately, follow-up emails become a part of your company’s plan in creating a group of devoted fans and followers.

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